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Hey y'all! I'm Hannah Bilodeau (pronounced bill-oh-dough, hence the business name). I'm a cookie loving, headband wearing, mama of 3 here in Lynchburg, Virginia! I've been a registered nurse for 8 years and love to care for and nurture others. I have found that sharing cookies is one of the simplest ways to reach out and fill others with love. After the birth of my third child, I decided to put my nursing career on pause so I could spend more time with my crazy troop. I found myself cooking and baking more than my little family could eat and realized that I LOVE sharing food with others! I started a little Instagram page for the meals that I was making every night (@bilodoughseat). Though my husband's grandmothers and aunt were pretty much the only people interested, it brought me so much joy! I decided to continuing sharing and spreading joy through cookie dough and cookies on a bit larger scale in my cute Virginia town.
I'm so excited to share my dough and cookies with you and your family and friends!

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